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3rd Call for Wise Practices

Life Promotion and Suicide Prevention for First Nations Youth

We are pleased to share, Wise Practices – a project funded by Indigenous Services Canada. This website showcases what people are doing to promote life/reduce suicide among young people based on what is already working and/or showing promise in Indigenous communities across the country. The website has been designed to be culturally relevant and responsive to the lived realities of young people and all who are invested in wellness for Indigenous youth.

The intention is to honour and give credit to what is already happening in communities throughout Canada, and to draw links and connections among them for mutual benefit. This project aims to both be informed by, and potentially inform, a range of projects and resources related to the prevention of suicide and the promotion of life, resilience and wellbeing among youth. We are always looking for new Wise Practices to share. Specifically, we are looking to feature projects that include some key elements:
  • Speak to specific practices that support life among Indigenous youth by strengthening the community.
  • Centre life-affirming practices, rather than deficit-centred or problem-focused approaches to preventing death.
  • Enhance Hope, Belonging, Meaning and Purpose.
  • Demonstrate life-affirming community change.
  • Commit to centring Indigenous Knowledges, and recognize the place of culture, community, spiritual life, and the land in relation to this work.
Final decisions about which new communities to include will be shaped by a desire to ensure diversity among the approaches and communities represented. If you know of a local story or wise practice that should be considered for this website, please complete the nomination form below.

Call for Wise Practices Nomination Form

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    Please write a brief description of this Wise Practice. Tell us how you think it offers a useful, life-promoting, culturally relevant, and hopeful approach to supporting youth well-being and how it could be a helpful resource to other communities